Monday, 12 March 2007

Monday 12th March 07

A good day, although woke early, too early for my liking, and as is usual, I cannot go back to sleep, so I got up and breakfasted and helped my wife get the children ready for school.

The good day really started when I rang the Yorkshire Post, re their offer made provisionally last week offering me a regular column. Yes it's amazing, but my 'low impact lifestyle' and ethical approach is of interest to readers of the Yorks Post, according to the Associate Features Editor. She rang me back and confirmed that they'd like me to do a fortnightly 500 - 600 words for their Wednesday 'Life and Style' supplement. I asked a lot of questions and am satisfied with the arrangement. As well as a fee, I'll get a subscription to the YP so I can see what's in the paper and make my column current and topical. I read out the 30 or so subjects I could write about and she seemed pleased I'd already thought about it. I suggested an introductory column, setting out my stall, and then emailing a 'bank' of a few pieces for them to choose from.

It will be a lot of work initially, and my blog might be a bit thin for a while, as I'll be concentrating on work!!!

However, nothing should stop me doing my regular compostables collections and today was no exception. After picking up the boys I went to visit my Bishophill friend to drink her coffee and chop her woody bits she gleans from neighbours and skips for her small Clearview Stove. Then my usual Out Of This World pick up, and then the Hes Rd pick up, lots of lovely sad veg and unloved fruit to put in the Compostumbler.

I made pumpkin soup earlier in the day and I had this along with a potato and veg pie with a cheesy scone top that Gill had invented. Great. Vegan ice cream and banana and home-made chocolate cake for pud. We're well-fed here!

Hopefully an early night to compensate for the over-early morning.

Plenty of writing to do.... exciting times ahead. I'll do ANYTHING to promote sustainability!

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