Thursday, 15 March 2007

Thursday 15th March 07

Another good day. Got into the garden to enjoy the good weather and did some tidying, composting, shredding and weeding. Retrieved some carrots from the throwouts which seemed fine, and prepared some carrot soup. At 1pm had a Freecycle visitor, Jules, who I've had an email chat with re stoves and logs. he came to see the stove in action (cooking carrot soup) and had a tour of the garden. If I'm lucky I'll recieve a load of logs from him on Saturday, as the place he works at had several trees fall in the high winds earlier this year. After lunch I got going with the electric chainsawing and processed a large pile of logs into splittable lumps.

Continued this after picking up kidos from school. However had a rather interesting interruption, a phone call from Sara, the producer of 'Ethical Man' who wanted to talk to me about her plans for the 'Death of Ethical Man'. Justin Rowlatt wants to kill off Ethical Man and recycle the cadaver (pretend, honest!) and I'm sure you know how he wants to do it! Anyway there are plans to film this in our garden next week. This blog will reveal all as and when it happens, and then the Great British Public will see the result on Newsnight the following week. How exciting!

Tea was the most delicious carrot soup, flavoured with corriander leaf, and a chunky sandwich. Soon after tea I had to go to town to attend the CrUST/Green Festival meeting at the Evil Eye on Stonegate. We got moved from the top room as it had been booked, and then rather aggressively moved from where we were put after that, as we were allegedly blocking a fire exit. However a good meeting and we are getting closer to being able to have a well organised Green Festival.

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