Monday, 26 March 2007

Monday 26th March 07

Another busy day. Gilly wasn't feeling well enough to go on the school trip she'd agreed to go on as a parent helper, so I took the boys into school and let the school know about the change of plan. I had agreed to see Pauline, and help her with some things that a big strong bloke can help a petite-ish older lady with... chopping some waste wood for her Clearview smokefree woodstove, clearing up some weeds from the house next door's garden, which she currently manages but it's going to be sold so it's being tidied, and shifting a folding bed and some chairs.

In return, I was given first option on some stuff from the house which was going on Freecycle...and I found a book on antiques for my youngest son, who likes the old cars and toys, a chess set for my eldest and a book about byegone York for my wife, who likes that type of thing. I got a pair of newish shears, and my usual cup of coffee and pleasent chat with Pauline. A fair deal, I'd say. I popped into another couple of friends and then back into town to collect the Out Of This World recyclables, includung a slightly out of date cake which will be enjoyed, I know!

Home via a circuitous route to find Gill had got up for lunch but was still feeling poorly. I collected the kids, the school trip to Tropical World had gone well, although one of the other mums had missed Gill. During the evening I had a lot of e-paperwork to do, re CrUST and the Green Festival.

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