Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tuesday 3s1t May 11

A good day, messing around with my little camera which by sundown I'd got sorted.... using a pair of cable ties to allow it to be mounted onto my tri-bars, although with the test ride, the camera fell out of it's holder (which stayed secure on the bike) and onto the road..... and kept working.

I also repotted the tomato plants from the Sports Day yesterday, and the courgettes.  I bunged a huge pile of weeds onto a compost heap.  I met Abul as he came to borrow some drain rods. I chopped up two pineapples into slices for drying and cubes for a fruit salad. I filled in a questionnaire with Gill about 'car free developments' for a friend of ours who's researching the subject, and dealt with several phone enquiries.

At 5pm I cycled down to town to meet with Tony Wood, a Structural Engineer, who inspected the steel joist in David's cellar and said the small amount of corrosion was nothing to be worried about.  I also visited the gun and knife shop, where the owner said he'd got nowhere with persuading the other shop owners to contribute to the cost of unblocking the inspection chamber, so he offered to pay half, and paid me cash there and then, which I signed for and went to give David.  David gave me a cheque for the whole amount to pay the Council.

For those REALLY interested in the video I made, just a short cycle around the block, it's on You Tube.

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