Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Monday 27th June 11

I had a relaxing day in some ways following a busy weekend.  I got up after 9 and had a fairly 'normal' morning with washing up and doing assorted paperwork and dealing with a couple of phone calls, emptying the vacuum cleaner, and other jobs around the house.

It was really hot outside but I did a bit of stuff in the garden around lunchtime, but then later, at about 4pm, I did a good lot, loading up a compost bin, shredding some bits and bobs which have been hanging around for ages, and then preparing several sacks of lumpy turf for the raised bed by bunging it through the motorised riddle.  I got very hot so spent an hour working naked... the hedges are thick and no-one overlooks the garden so it was just really nice in the late afternoon heat, especially when it started raining a bit at about 5pm.

However at 6pm I came in and had a quick solar-heated shower, a bite to eat and then at 6.45, got on my bike and sped down to David's, as he was planning to go out to City Screen tonight.  He supports the York Blind and Partially Sighted Society, and tonight was an 'open mic' fundraiser in the Basement.  So I heated up his tea and after that we toddled off to the City Screen, had a coffee and then went to the Basement and got a good place to sit and watch. 

There were an assortment of stand up comedians and a couple of bands, and my friend Debra arrived so I stood up and let her sit with David.  She was glad of the seat, I didn't mind standing.  We left at about 10pm, during the interval, but he'd enjoyed the event.  I left him at 10.30 after he gave me my June cheque.

So a late night as Gill had been to a parents evening at the Steiner School and spent a long time telling me all about that.  And then I played a bit of Scrabble, watched YouTube videos of some UFOs in London a few days ago, and wrote this up.

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