Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday 12th June 11

I was lucky to have a bit of a lie-in.  But only til 9.30, but a very unhurried day.

It was raining which meant that I didn't feel like going out, either to the LETS walk or the Democracy Picnic.

I did a HUGE wash-up, getting through a backlog of things whilst Gill was out getting things ready for our youngest to go camping with school.

I listened to Equinox Radio and got quite animated, reminded of my early 1990s raver days.  Good memories.  Helped me with the housework.

Gill came back with a rucksack, roll mat, wellington boots, and a few other bits and bobs. 

I rang David as he'd mentioned yesterday that I would be seeing him this evening but it wasn't in my diary, so I rang to find out which it was... and he said he would like me to come and see him.  I said if he wanted to change his mind, to just ring me, and mid afternoon, he did and said as the weather was so yukky, not to come out.  This suited me fine, having a fairly lazy day.

I did venture out at one stage, to reset my rat trap and just get a breath of fresh air and see how the garden was. I planted up some basil in old cycle helmets and hung them up.

But I spent much of the day finding out how various things worked on Ubuntu, and lamenting the loss of my World Naked Bike Ride videos, and putting comments on various places including the Press website and facebook. I discovered and listened to The Falling Spikes.

I watched a bit of telly and helped Gill with some cooking, such as sieving the tomato soup that our youngest is taking with him on camp.

Quite an indulgent day.  A good day.

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