Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Monday 20th June 11

Not too bad a day, got up at 9 despite really wanting a long lie in.  We were having a quiet morning when we got a phone call from the boys' previous school; one of our friends' children was ill, and we were the only people on his contact list who were contactable.  So Gill ordered a taxi and it picked her up, took her to school and picked up the ill boy, and came back here.  So that sort of scuppered any plans we had to make the raised bed down the garden.

Yesterday, one of my friends Melanie put in an order for the Suma delivery, but as she can't pay til two days after the delivery, I had to go into town and transfer £85 from my savings into our Suma account to ensure that the cheque we will pay the driver will be honoured.  A bit of a nuisance but I like cycling and I was only out of the house for an hour or less.  I took the opportunity to collect two sacks of compostables from Country Fresh on the way back.

I did a bit of compost-work in the garden and then got ready for work, a Fiddlesticks gig in Green Hammerton doing a one hour show with a Brownie pack.  I got the train at about 5 and was picked up by Jess, the 'Brown Owl', and she deposited me at the new Village Hall and made me a coffee as I got changed.

I had an audience of 24 youngsters and about 8 older girls and women.  The Circus Show and Workshop went very well and they all seemed to love it.  I was taken back to Hammerton station afterwards by Sarah and I got changed on the station platform as it was deserted.  I got home at about 8pm. 

I got some lovely messages from Jess and Sarah during the evening, made me happy.

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