Friday, 24 June 2011

Thursday 23rd June 11

A quiet day, woken by a phone call for a Fiddlesticks enquiry soon after 9, and so I got up and got myself together.  A non-eventful morning, and most of the afternoon too. 

The best thing to happen was that our eldest helped me make the raised bed in the orchard.  We collected a pile of old bricks, 'clamp bricks' from the shared pathway between ours and next door, and took them in the wheelbarrow to the orchard where we made a front wall to the bed, with the most visible bricks the old, nice looking ones, and the new bricks being used for the structural back to this front wall... no mortar, and it's only about 6 bricks high, so little risk of it collapsing.

I also did a shopping trip to Sainsburys... margarine, a kilo box of bran flakes, a loaf of lovely bread, some vegan ice cream, 4 kg of pasta.  I cycled home via Freshways and picked up 2 sacks of compostables.. but luckily there were a load of onions and a load of apples.  I decided to make some onion soup, and dried apples.

So, later in the evening I did make onion soup.... 7 free onions, one purchased potato, some home grown squash, the last of last year's crop. All cooked up on the woodstove.... great!

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