Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tuesday 14th June 11

A peaceful day, woken by Gill as my friend who had given me their bank card came round and wanted it, needed to go shopping.  Later I called round and my friend had bought cider.  Alcohol is a powerful addiction.

I had a fairly lazy morning but soon got busy in the garden, weeding, planting squash and sweetcorn.

I cycled down to Country Fresh and got a bag of fruit and veg for us and some fruit for a friend, plus two bags of compostables.  I went to pick up some sticks from someone who had pruned a lilac tree, and emailed me offering the sticks to me for kindling.  Another trailer-full, just needing to be cut in half or thirds and put in a paper sack for drying.

I was down the garden when Andy D'Agorne came round to see how my tiny camera worked, he wants to use it to film the occasionally dreadful driving behaviour outside his local school.  We had a good chat, but it meant I didn't get my evening meal til after 9pm.  I used some past-sell-by-date quinoa, some spinach from the garden, the tomato stuff which didn't go through the sieve when making soup on Sunday, some coleslaw and a slice of 'Mediterranean Bread'.

Later in the evening I watched 'The Pipe' on More4, a documentary about an Irish community resisting the imposition of a Shell gas pipeline across their village and traditional fishing grounds.  I support direct action in defence of Planet Earth.  We need to stop spending on fossil fuels and invest heavily in renewables.  Every pound, dollar and euro spent on oil, gas and nuclear means less money is available for investment into wind, solar, tidal, wave, hydro and other less polluting technologies.  I'd like to know the outcome of the Rossport pipeline debacle, as the film ended with the damaged pipelaying vessel leaving Irish waters.  I wonder if it came back to resume it's damaging activities?

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