Saturday, 18 June 2011

Friday 17th June 11

Another good day, maybe not quite as up-beat as yesterday!

The best thing that happened was that our youngest son came home from his camping trip from school, and we've missed him.

As for the rest of the day, well I caught up with some paperwork during the morning and in the afternoon, cycled down to town and transferred some money from two accounts into our Suma account, and put a cheque in too, as on Tuesday we'll be getting a Suma order and will need to pay the driver.

I only did a short time in the garden, dealing with the bags of decorative vegetation from Barley Hall, using it roughly chopped up as a woody/carbon-rich layer. I'd also got some stuff from Country Fresh and Freshways, and a small amount of this went on the current heap.  More tomorrow.

For tea, I had a 100% free meal... some free (as past it's sell by date) quinoa, cooked on the woodstove, a large tomato and some red pepper, both discarded because of surface blemishes.

At 7.30 I arrived at the Black Swan for the last meeting of the York World Naked Bike Ride, the 'post ride debrief' with Hugh and Tony.  It was a long and rambling meeting, and once again, I took notes and promised to type them up.

I came home after 11 and got hot water together for Gill to soak her feet, and later, I did a bit of washing up.  Bed early, just 2.30 today. 

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