Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wednesday 28th January 09

Another peaceful morning; lovely. We never know if the boys will get out of bed 'one side' and get ready for school without a murmur, or 'the other side', and be quite resistant and uncooperative. Today was the good side!

Gill went to Art once I'd got back, I took some compostables down to the now steaming heap and saw a heron in the top of a neighbour's tree. It was having hassle from a crow, and soon flew off.

I did some log-management too, in the front, chopping up some big logs recently retrieved from various dumps, and splitting and stacking them.

Gill came back and had lunch, Will came round and we finished off the LETS Awards for All application, to allow us to get the LETS Link UK software which will allow us to become a web-based organisation. I'll now ask Melody to check the application, and I have to get our new bank signatories sorted, and find an independent referee.

I had a rest after lunch as I was suddenly absolutely bushed, but got up at 2.30 as I had to set off for work at about 3pm. I'd had a phone call yesterday to invite me to go and entertain Riccall Rainbows, the youngest of the Brownie/Guide continuum. They meet at 4.30 for an hour every Wednesday, and the client wanted me to go and do two sessions (or was it me that suggested this?), one today and one in a few weeks time. I'd agreed a ridiculously low fee... at this time of year, on a weekday, and in 'these times' of not much money around, I have to take any work I can get. So I decided on a route -Heslington, Fulford, Naburn Lane, Route 65 York-Selby cycle track, Riccall. So most of this ride was off-road, and took me about an hour... I didn't go over fast as I'd given it enough time to cycle steadily and get there in plenty of time. I saw my second interesting bird of the day, a lovely pale barn owl, between the sewage works on Naburn Lane and the cycle track.

I got to Riccall at 4pm and cooled off, waited for the keyholder to arrive and then I went and got changed and ready to rumble! Did my standard show, in 50 minutes, and cycled back, in very dark conditions (took my dynamo off for much of the cycle track bit... exciting cycling in the pitch black!) Arrived home at 7pm, really tired and looking forward to tea... I just had sandwiches as Gill had had her hands full whilst I was out and had not been able to cook for herself or me. The boys had some quiche and potatoes, but then needed a lot of 'looking after' so she was unable to get on. She was very glad to see me! I was able t calm things down and the problem homework got done and both of them got to bed at about 9pm. Phew!

A nice peaceful evening... including a phone call from my Aunty in Norfolk.. we chatted for half an hour and she was most supportive.

Spent quite a bit of time trying to find another speaker for the launch of Transition Town Kirbymoorside, which I've been invited to attend. I suggested finding a more 'normal' person to speak as well as me, as my tiny footprint might be seen as a bit unobtainable and my deep-green lifestyle not very realistic for the majority of ordinary folks trying to reduce their impact by 10 or 20%. I look forward to some replies. Any offers from newbie greenies happily considered, especially if you are not male, middle aged and bearded!

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