Thursday, 1 January 2009

Thursday 1st January 09

Woke late... as expected having eventually got to bed after 2am fairly loaded with Russian redcurrant spirit.

Decided to get out into the fresh air and go and collect some logs I rooted out last night... and then chopped them, finishing for lunchtime.

The boys had a friend around during the afternoon, which kept them quiet and happy.

I did a bit of compost management, and more importantly, sorted out a new supply of partly composted sawdust for my toilet... it's the ideal cover material as it's biologically active and any smell molecules will emanate from the 'deposit' are adsorbed into the particles of sawdust, where microbes use them as a feedstock. If dry sawdust is used, the deposited material is covered but odourific molecules may pass through the dry sawdust. Sawdust is used as it is mainly carbon, which balances the humanure which is high in nitrogen when it composts down. I leave it for about 4 years, by which time it is a very fine lovely compost, ideal for mixing with various other media for growing tomatoes etc in.

Did this til nearly dark, came in and watched some telly whilst warming up and doing emails. Gill had made a dough for pizza, and used the tomato/onion thing I made yesterday as the stuff on top. She does make a good pizza!

A good evening... rang round a few friends to wish them a HNY and visited Debbie to give her some bananas and wish her well with her difficult New Year's Resolution.

Made a carrot and tomato soup quite late on, whilst watching the 1980s remake of The Fly... I've seen it loads of times, first when it came out and I saw it in the cinema.

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