Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday 17th January 09

Not a bad day really. Linda took our eldest into town and they had a lovely time... bought a book with a Waterstones gift token, had tea and scones in Little Betty's, and Linda bought the boys a DVD of 'The Incredibles'. Our youngest had a visit from one of his classmates which kept him busy and happy.

I didn't do that much... just a bit of dried fruit preparation, some work in the garden, a quick visit to Freshways, plus lots of attending to Gill's needs. I got tea ready... but it was easy as Aunty Jane had brought a veg crumble over, although Gill couldn't have it as it had cheese in it. Bovine dairy products give Gill IBS... although this might subside with the misbehaving gall bladder gone...

More good and frank conversations with Linda, much appreciated.

I tried to get some writing done but still feel a bit low. So nothing flowed. Not enough space to concentrate either.

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Dave (Taunton) said...

Excellent report on your low-carbon lifestyle in latest Ecologist. Interesting and food for thought for others. Nice one.
All the best to you and your family and for a full recovery for Gill.