Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday 16th January 09

Like her sister Gill, Linda is an early riser so last night we agreed that she'd supervise our eldest getting up, as he needs a long time to get going in the morning. Our youngest gets going more quickly and has a longer time in bed... I'm even quicker and therefore don't have to get up until 8, and I'm ready by 8.30. However, this morning, Linda didn't wake me up til 8.15... so I got washed and dressed and took the boyo to school before I had my cereal and coffee.

When I got back from school, Linda was washing up. Grrrrrrr! I much prefer to do the washing up as I'm so pernickety about how it's done... I have higher standards than many people, and won't let Gill do it as her eyesight means she misses bits and I am much more thorough, although not perfect! Gill takes great delight at pointing out when she finds dirt on something I've washed up... but as I haven't experienced Linda's washing-up I cannot comment. I expect it's fine. However, it's times like these when my Aspergery traits become obvious to me, as I really like my routines and like things to stay the same, ie I do the dishes in this house.

I did thank her, though, and gave her a hug, and she kind of understands my mental situation, at least as much as any non-aspie would. Not that I'm a total aspie myself... just on the same spectrum....

I had a meeting at St Nicks at 10, and just before I left, Gilly's other sister Jane arrived, as they are both going to visit Gill today. Jane had come over from West Yorkshire by train and then got the bus here.

The York Rotters meeting was good and I have some actions I need to get on with to see if we can do another round of publicity. More on this later.

Home for lunch to find that the two sisters were still out, either visiting Gill or perhaps in town together. I got a phone call from Gill saying they were all together and enjoying each others company.

I went to get our youngest. Gill and Linda came back just as I was putting tea out for the boys... leek and tomato soup, quiche, salad. They didn't like the soup as it was too strongly flavoured. Linda's pot washing wasn't brilliant, found three items with old food on... but we had a laugh about it and I told her that I was completely anal about clean crockery and cutlery... she admitted being equally so about untidy worktops... which means in theory, we'd make a brilliant couple (except I'm married to her sister!!!)

Gill was on good form and ate a little bit, and everybody was happy to see her.

We had a relatively quiet evening and I enjoyed chatting to Linda who talks a lot of sense!

I spent some time doing Facebook Pages for the forthcoming George Marshall's Carbon Detox Show which York in Transition is putting on at the Theatre Royal on 3rd March.


Anonymous said...

Hiya John!

Glad to hear that Gill is bearing up - lucky lass - private hospital!!!!

Please give her my regards.


PS If you wanna pop round and use my dishwasher, at this obviously difficult time, do let me know!

PPS ...polite reply only though, please!!!! ;-)

Jade said...

John - where is the co-op? I don't think I've been yet. Also, as it turns out, I will be able to attend the meeting on Monday. So I will see you there!

Anonymous said...

do you read back what you write john? your comment about your sis in law and you making a good couple, although written in jest, is a bit insensitive towards your hospitalised wife!

Compost John said...

Thanks Robin, and Jade, I'll chat to you after the YGF09 meeting.

As for 'Anonymous', you've obviously had a humour-ectomy. This was said in jest, and when Gill, Linda and I were all together and having a chat and laugh, it was a perfectly ok thing to say.

And my wife came out of hospital on Friday, and is getting better quickly.

Next time don't be so cowardly and post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

i am not a coward it is just the quickest way to post a comment. so get off your high horse john, if anyone has had a sense of 'humour-ectomy' as you put it - its you!

Compost John said...

So, anonymous lazy coward with almost terminal humour-ectomy, I'd like to rescue you from your near fatal attack of seriousness.

I'm offering you a humour-transfusion. I have joi-de vivre to excess, love life and lots of people in it, and have despite my unusual 'AS/ADHD spectrum' way of being, a well developed sense of humour. After I have given you some of mine, I will regenerate my full quotient. You should recover your full jollity in time.

I will remind you that the comment I made, in jest, to Linda and Gill was amongst consenting adults, we all had a giggle, and I read my blog post to them both before publishing and there were no objections then.

OK, now for the transfusion. Go and look at yourself in the mirror and say three times 'Cheer up', followed by one 'Get a life'.

If my blog upsets you, annoys you, increases your morbid joy-deficit, don't read it. It's simple! Avoid stuff which makes you unhappy... I do; hence my general happiness despite the shit that happens.

I don't ride high horses, it's better by bike.

Future posts with your name (it only takes a few extra keystrokes!) will be treated more gently as I find anonymous comments really lazy, cowardly and most of them I don't publish. But your comment of 18 January made me laugh, which is why I clicked on 'publish'.

Cheer up and get a life!

Love, John