Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesday 20th January 09

A very smooth pre-school time... both boys got out of the house without a hitch, and in good time. I took our youngest down to school and bombed back to spend a little bit of time with Gill before her sister Jane arrived and the Media students came for their second day with me. They were due to come at about 10.30, but rang then and said they were having difficulty getting away from the campsite, apparently unable to find someone to pay!

So they rolled up at sometime after 11 and we headed off to St Nicks to see the assorted demonstrations of sustainable living..... things I don't have such as photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting, a solar hot water panel and the wind turbine. I found some more oyster mushrooms, demonstrating one aspect of 'Freeganism', ie free wild food, and on the way back, harvested some logs and sticks and popped into Freshways where Raj was most complimentary about the service I freely offer.

Over lunchtime, I cooked the mushrooms on the woodstove and had a long rambling interview covering much more than low carbon choices and freeganism. I think they enjoyed themselves. I was asked to do a bit of devilsticking and we had a final trip down the garden, which might be made into a speeded-up walk with normal-speed bits where I'm pointing things out, such as various fruit trees and other features. They left just before 3, in time to have a quick coffee and cycle down to school for the usual school-run.

Jane stayed for a bit to see the boys, and I started to try and tidy the conservatory, which is embarrassingly chaotic and cluttered. Mike her husband came to take her back home, and we all then sat down to watch Barack Obama's inauguration, which I found very emotional and tear-jerkingly wonderful. I spent quite a bit of time sorting out a sack of envelopes that school had given me to recycle... I removed excess sticky tape, tore off stamps, tore out plastic windows and screwed up the rest of the paper so it can form a carbon-rich layer in the latest heap.

I had some leek and potato soup and a chocolate bar a child wouldn't eat as it had got damp, and at 6 headed out to the Burton Stone Lane Community Centre, the other end of the route 66 cycle track. This was to participate in a Waste Watch and York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership training session on reducing food waste. Luna and Felipe made it a really good session... there were lots of 'party games' as well as facts and tips. The aim is not dissimilar to York Rotters: once trained up, we are in a position to help others reduce their food waste... so we could attend roadshows or chat to colleagues, neighbours and family.

This finished between 8.30 and 9 and as I came home along the cycle track, I arrived home dragging a tree with me.

Gill had just woken up after dozing for two hours whilst the boys were playing on the computer... they headed up to bed pretty sharpish and I got on with various computery stuff. I still have to write a column before tomorrow morning....

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