Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tuesday 13th January 09

I cycled our little one into school with some of the Oyster Mushrooms for Simon. Then bombed down to the station.

Got the 9.20 train to Sheffield, and when there, the tram to near Ali's. Had a lovely day, including sharing some Oysters fried with garlic in olive oil. Ali had never had them before and she liked them... we had them in a warm baguette, really delicious. At 2 her carer arrived and a bit later she brought Ali's daughter back from school, who seemed overjoyed to see me! She is just SO enthusiastic and happy, climbing all over me, asking for piggy back rides, pretending to be a little baby, pretending that I was a giant that ate children, playing games with a wooden spoon she'd drawn a face on and called Daisy, etc etc. Delightful and occasionally overwhelming!

Ali had a physio visit her after which we all went out to get something to eat, at a nearby pub. Then we went on to meet Ali's parents as Ali had something to give them. They'd met me before, when I did the birthday party last year. Then we went on to my parents' house, as I wanted to give a borrowed book back and give my Dad some Oysters, as he too likes wild mushrooms. I was surprised that they invited us all in, and we spent up to an hour socialising which was nice. Then I was dropped off at the station, and didn't have long to wait before the York train... and as I sat down, my Green Festival buddy Rob said hello... he was coming back from Birmingham airport (!) as he'd been to Spain to help some of his friends do up a castle! So chatted to him and his friend Cheryl all the way to York, and then a quick cycle home getting in just after 11pm.

Phew what a day!

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Aliboo said...

We did have a really lovely day. Thanks for everything, including the introduction to oyster mushrooms! I'm glad you had an interesting journey back to York and it was good to see both our sets of parents. And you're right LittleBoo is very fond of you.
Talk soon
Ali x