Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Monday 5th January 09

The last day of the Christmas holidays. Boys bouncy and excited... not sure what about though.

Gill took our eldest into town to try for a third time to find trousers that fitted him, and I think they were successful, as most of the evening Gill was putting in new hemlines and sewing in nametags...

Our youngest took advantage of the time and space to have numerous Wii race games. I spent some time on the computer and got a message which looked like it was from windows, so downloaded it and oh n, it was a virus called Antivirus 2009 which proceeded to perform a series of pop ups warning me of virus infection and inviting me to pay for a patch to get rid of them... I realised this was a con, and went hunting for solutions, not easy as one of the things the virus was also doing was blocking most of the web pages I tried to look at, again suggesting they had bad software in them.

It was very frustrating. I got quite annoyed. This was obvious to the other family members and the children offered to help me get rid of the problem, which was sweet of them but just not helpful and I wasn't as empathic and gentle as I could have been and this caused a row just before I had to go out to the LETS meeting... not a nice situation to leave Gill with.

But I had to go to the meeting as we were expecting some visitors from the Council who wanted to know more about LETS and how it could be part of a toolkit connected with social inclusion etc. I think we looked reasonably together to them, and there should be some mutual help. However, I have to organise our bank account to get new signatories, and then get together with my favourite funding advisor Melody to get a grant for our new software... more work!

But had good chats to them afterwards about Local Agenda 21, York Credit Union, York Rotters, my book and much more.

Home to try and sort out my computer... found some 'open source' freeware called Malwarebytes which was very easy to install and it removed the crazy virus rubbish. Whilst the scan was going on, did a batch of washing up whilst Gill ironed for tomorrows 'back to school' event!

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Anonymous said...

John.. try "F secure" Douglas and I both have it on our systems, and although you have to pay a one off fee its really fantastic stuff. Despite being on the computer loads, we have not had any problems at all since installing it.. well a few but F Secure has picked them up and killed them!

PS will reply to your email soon.

Anna xxx