Sunday, 11 January 2009

Saturday 10th January 09

Woken by yelling which wasn't nice.

But the rest of the morning went well and all was happy. My sister had arranged to be online at 2 so the boys could try out an online role-playing game and meet her avatar on it... so that was the exciting thing of the day for them.

I went to do a shop for assorted stuff.. veg/fruit, to a supermarket for various other bits like margarine and ribena, tea and cereals. On the way back I picked up some logs from the cycle track.

When I got back at about 3.30, there was a war going on, for real, not just in the game. One son had 'caused' the other to 'lose his life' and there was fighting and shouting, blaming and I don't know what but Gill asked me to come in urgently and keep them apart. Boys! Computers! Aaarrrgh!

I sat outside both their rooms to prevent them coming out whilst they calmed down for about an hour. After this we had a really nice family tea... just such a nice time.

So a real rollercoaster of a day.

A good evening... watched a brilliant film, by accident, called Snow Cake which was transfixing and really absorbing. However, was deleting emails at the same time and chatting to Ali on Facebook, and she was watching it as well, which was lovely, as we were able to comment on things that were happening. Gill woke up towards the end and I filled her in with the story... I'd been following it so well I was able to do this. Often, I cannot follow plots that well, but this one grabbed me!

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