Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Weds 30th July 08

I took my eldest to one of his friends' house by bike where his mum took them both to the Gifted and Talented Summer School. I cycled his bike back via school where I watered the plants in the 'Green Thumbs' planters.

Later in the morning I cycled to town to pay in a cheque and give the Green Fest insurance documents to Baz who was at work as I am unable to attend the meeting tomorrow night, and he needs them for that meeting.

I came back via Country Fresh and picked up lots more compostables, then lunch, then garden.

Had a visit from Mike, who made the little film about the 'Big Freeze' in which I have a speaking part (after the Freeze!)
and he had a tour of the garden and we chatted about future possible films including the Green Festival.

I enjoy using Facebook and have been playing Scrabble on it, as 'Scrabulous'. However I became aware that the owners of Scrabble have been upset at this online version, and yesterday, one of my US playing partners told me that the application had been deleted for US and Canadian users... and today it was removed from Facebook totally. However, there is a page for Scrabulous fans:

and an online petition to ask Hasbro to allow Scrabulous to continue:

So no online Scrabble tonight!

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