Saturday, 26 July 2008

Saturday 26th July 08

Another busy day... set off for the Dunnington Playing Fields Fayre at about 10.30 to be at work by 11am... and the day was very hot, busy and I had no rest from 11 til 4. I did have a difficult situation when a woman put a chair fairly close to the circus activities and I asked her if she could move for her own safety... and she was quite rude to me but I kept my cool and again explained that the children participating in the activities could on occasion be dangerous, and she eventually walked off, calling me allsorts of names!

But the children enjoyed it... their parents did too, and the organisers were pleased with what I'd done. I had a pint of pear cider once I'd finished, and collected a couple of bags of aluminium cans out of bins, and received my cheque, getting back at 5pm. Gill had taken the boys down to the station as our visitor is booked onto the 5.44 to Leamington Spa, so I had a bit of P+Q which was good!

Folks came back, generally in good moods. Kids ate in the garden whilst I continued with some P+Q... I had home grown potato salad and home grown cucumber for tea, and a cheese sandwich... which wasn't home grown.

During the evening I deleted loads of emails out of my inbox, and complained to Facebook about someone who has posted a York Green Festival page which contains errors and has been put up without permission. I asked the guy to either change the content or to remove the page, and for a while he did take it down. However, it has reappeared with the same misinformation so I've complained.

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