Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunday 13th July 08

A busy day... two gigs, a two-hour party in Dunnington, and three hours of entertainment at the
Madhyamaka Centre near Pocklington with associated cycling, about 30 miles in total.

So the first was 11-1, a very enthusiastic 7 yr old and 19 of his friends and siblings, and the only difficulty was that the party was in the front room, with a fairly low ceiling and no space for unicycling... however I did my unicycle finale outside, suprising a visiting window cleaner!

I finished there at just after 1 and was cycling to Pocklington by 10 past... and got to the Buddhist Centre on the dot of 2pm, which is when I was contracted to start. I was quite hot after a 14 mile cycle, pulling a trailer full of kit, so changed my teeshirt and had a 10 minute rest with juice to cool off... then did a load more unicycling and circus workshops, finishing after 5pm.

I cycled back quite leisurely, getting in at 7, and Gill had a quiche and potatoes ready which was most welcome. So a busy few days, but all has gone well...

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