Saturday, 12 July 2008

Saturday 12th July 08

Not a particularly hurried start, but got up in good time to get into my Fiddlesticks clothes and bike loaded up to go to Lesley the Facepainter's house, as she was going to the same event as me and had agreed to give me a lift. I got going at about 10.30 and the rain started... and got extremely heavy so when I arrived at Lesley's, I was soaked! Dumped the bike and put gear in the car and she drove to South Milford, where the school was having a fun day, from 12 til 4. I did four hours continuous workshops and shows, teaching devilsticks, juggling, unicycle and diabolo. I rewarded youngsters who worked hard at the different skills with a balloon animal, and other kiddies wanted them too, so I was busy til after 4.. and the weather held, it didn't rain and it was a really good event.

I was given four unsold pots of lettuce seedlings to take home... I offered Lesley two of them but she only wanted one. I managed to wedge the three pots in with my clobber and got home just before 6... Gill's sister Linda had arrived to spend the weekend with us before visiting other friends and relations in the North.

Gill had made a tasty grain dish, using hot water in the latest nearly empty Marmite jar to provide taste to the bulgar wheat... and we had some delicious green tomato chutney with this... very nice!

I spent an hour in the garden after this, dealing with several sacks and boxes of compostables which went into the compostumbler, with cardboard, and twigs from the high winds recently which I collected and shredded.

A relaxing evening, good to chat with Linda.

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