Monday, 28 July 2008

Monday 28th July 08

Gill took our eldest down towards school quite early this morning as he was being picked up by a friend who also has a 'gifted and talented' child who has been invited to attend a 4 day summer school for the aforesaid 'gifted and talented' year 6 children.

I had a slow start but at midday got up properly and did more work in the garden. I lit the stove (perhaps not understandable on such a hot day, but our boiler has broken) and after an hour had enough hot water to do all of yesterday's washing up. Our youngest spent quite a lot of the day singing to himself which was nice to hear..

Our boy came back very happy but tired. So glad he's had a good time.

I made tea for the family again after a quick trip to the supermarket and Country Fresh... baked butternut, potato, and stuffing lumps baked 'til crispy... with salad from the garden.

Did some compost riddling and then at 8 my buddy Phil arrived and we had drinks and chats and half an hour in the garden finishing off the riddling.

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