Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tuesday 29th July 08

Quite a good day... I got up early and prepared to go to work at the Next Generation Club just up the road, got there for 9.15 and found I was upstairs, so couldn't take my bike in... so unloaded stuff and took it up in 3 loads... then the children started to arrive and enough came to do a good party. I did my usual routine, circus workshop followed by balloons, and it went very well. Finished on the dot of 11.30am, sorted out paperwork, loaded up and came home.

Our eldest had his second day at Manor School so things were peaceful, our youngest was happy and played on the computer for quite a long time. Gill also spent time looking for a family holiday on the internet.

I did some garden work, visited Country Fresh with 7 carrier bags of riddled mature compost, and was given a large pile of bananas to do whatever I wanted with...

Had a visit from an electrician to look at our electrical problem and Hugh came with a bootload of timber for me to cut up.

A good chat on Skype, although cam not working...

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