Monday, 30 June 2008

Monday 30th June 08

A good morning, the boys were well behaved and I took them to school. I spent a few minutes collecting soil from molehills to add to the compost to help fill the remaining containers.

Home to help Gill with a big clearup, as Gill's sister is coming to stay next week. She said 'dont do any tidying up' but if we didn't, she'd have nowhere to sleep, as the front room is totally full of clutter and my mess, piles of paper etc, so we HAVE to do some clearing up!

I did an hour in the garden too, before lunch.

A pleasant afternoon, but at 3 we both went to school so that we could have a chat with a class teacher and the head... whilst both our boys played outside.

I did lots of tidying outside after this, chainsawing logs, stacking, and had a chilled evening.

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