Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tuesday 10th June 08

Firstly, would Sabine please ring us again and leave a phone number, or leave a contact email using the comment facility on this blog, I won't publish your details Sabine. Thank you from Gill and John. x

Had a busy day inside mostly... I took the boys to school and then did various research about something I want to write about in my paid blog, and mid morning, went up to Archies to sign a form booking the library quiet room for the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel. On the way out of Archies, my bike suffered a 'catastrophic failure' and the back axel broke. I was due to go up to B+Q to get a sheet of plywood for our youngest son's train layout, but instead came home to ring Cycle Heaven who kindly offered to do a repair after lunch. I then half walked, half gingerly cycled to Bishy Road and they were able to get it sorted... many thanks Ash for swift and expert service. Came home via the body-repair shop place in the Raylor Centre on James St which does welding, as my trailer has suffered another fracture too! What a day!

More research, and the developer of NET.MESOMOCO CIC contacted me to tell me he had a meeting in York tomorrow and could come to see me too. I picked up the boys and then went to pick up my trailer, which was easily fixed.

At 6.15 got myself ready to go to the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel meeting at Archies... but the front door wasn't unlocked for us, nor was the library or the library quiet room, but a cleaner unlocked them for us. A good meeting, quite a lot to do, and we used the whole hour.

Came home and did a bit of work in the garden as it was a lovely evening.

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