Sunday, 8 June 2008

Saturday 7th June 08

A slow start to the day, read several NewScientist articles, including one on how social networking sites like Facebook are helping medical advances, by helping people share info etc... very interesting!

At 11ish Gill and the boys went into town and I started to get ready to go to the St Nicks BIG recycle, finding stuff to put on the table for others to take. The idea is that unwanted items are brought to the event and can be taken by people who want them. I took a load of items that I got from Out Of This World when it closed, from the cafe. I got changed into my Fiddlesticks costume and cycled down with my full kit. The gate opened at 1pm and there was a rush for the tables of junk. It is always a popular 'do'. I found three tiny cabbage seedlings, another tomato plant and a few things which I would try to juggle at the 2pm junk juggling challenge. Children were invited to find me items they wanted me to try to juggle, and then pick three of them and challenge me to juggle them. I think I did OK, then did a juggling workshop with traditional juggling balls, which are significantly easier to manipulate. Then at 3pm I did a quick run through of my show. During the day I also answered some composting queries, showing several people the wormeries.

Soon after 4 I left for home and got changed out of my Fiddlesticks clothing and got on Gill's bike to go down to the World Naked Bike Ride which is in York for the third year. I wanted to be relatively anonymous on this, as I get booked by various church groups and conservatives who might not book me if I was seen or photographed naked in a protest. I am not ashamed of going on the ride, nor am I ashamed of my fairly ordinary body, I just want to avoid being on a front page of a newspaper with my face visible! So I ditched the 'Father Christmas on a unicycle' and this time wore a box on my head, which did raise some laughs and comments. There were 83 riders, up from 67 last year, and it was extremely good natured and enjoyable. We ended up in Museum Gardens for a picnic which was a happy social event.

Got home for about 7.30, and after a hot drink, went into the garden to cut hedge and prune shrubs, til just after 9, when Andy Chase the Green Party General Election Candidate came round with a load of leaflets to deliver in Hull Road Ward.

Gill and I had a good game of Scrabble which she won. I then had a good chat with K on Skype which was nice although I was really tired and probably wasn't a good conversationalist...

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