Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunday 8th June 08

A good start to the day, woke up slowly knowing I had no commitments today workwise... so had breakfast and went back to bed for half an hour before going into the garden to process some prunings that Gill produced this morning... some overhanging lilac and invasive holly.

Then came in to have a coffee and watch Countryfile. And then had lunch. And then went back into the garden again. Planted yet more beans and curcubits, and a couple of tomatoes from the BIG Recycle.

A lovely day... ended well too, with a Gill's home-made pizza and later, Jill and Ben came round and gave Gill an old unwanted laptop so she can do emails and the boys can too, plus search the web for homework etc. All Jill and Ben want in return is a load of dried fruit... which reminds me I must send some to my sister who has requested some!

Perhaps with a quieter week I'll find time to sort this out.

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