Friday, 27 June 2008

Thursday 26th June 08

Another day... I took the boyos to school and Gill headed off to Leeds again. I went through town with a delivery of compost for Jo my cycle shop friend, who has a lovely little garden with lots of plants in pots and 3 raised beds crying out for something to fill them. She's collected several sacks of soil, and will mix it with the compost and use that.

I then cycled to school with four sacks of soil/compost/leafmold mix to fill the small planters... and although they are small, the four sacks of growing medium only filled three out of the six pots. Julia agreed that I should make up another batch to fill the last lot of pots!

As I was doing Green Thumbs, the lovely Melody agreed to take my boys for the hour and I'd pick them up later. However Gill arrived after her Leeds day to collect them, but I sent her home as I knew it would be easier for her to be at home by herself to sort out tea rather than have the boys around, and I brought them back once they'd had their play with Melody's child.

After tea I had a York Green Festival meeting, collected the Space 109 keys first and and less than 10 people turned up, but we had a good meeting.

We finished before 10 and I decided not to go to the local hostelry as I had stuff to do at home...

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