Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wednesday 11th June 08

Busy day... I took the kids to school and we spent a lot of time phoning Everest to try to get them to come and fix our front door, which will not lock OR be opened from the outside.

Gill stayed in and I cycled into town via Sainsburys and Millers Yard to give in the Planning Panel responses, coming back via Country Fresh to do a pick-up... was only able to pick up half of what there was to be recycled.

Lunch was a little bit of respite from rushing around and doing things. Everest chaps came after lunch, as did my MESOMOCO CIC friend Richard for a chat and tour of the garden.

Gill picked up the boys and I took them to Martial Arts. I then went to Country Fresh again and took part two of the compostables to the lottie, and on the way there met a pleasant young woman called Claire who showed me her allotment. I did the composting jobs and planted a squash and weeded onions and earthed up potatoes. And came home to make a fried egg sandwich with potato salad for tea.

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