Monday, 9 June 2008

Monday 9th June 08

I took the kids to school and then did some paperwork, then took some of it to Archbishop Holgates School (booking a room for Hull Road Ward Planning Panel) and then to St Nicks (invoice for Saturday) then came home and did housework.

Infact spent most of the day inside, washing up, writing more letters, various other things and all too soon it was 3pm and time for me to go to school and pick up the boys.

However, after we were home I went into the garden and had a bit of time riddling, weeding, turning a heap and generally bumbling round in the sunshine. Gill called me in at about 6 for a 'mix and match' tea and it was delicious. Spent more time outside til after 9pm... and came in to do emails and relax.

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