Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tuesday 2nd August 11, Day Four of Holiday

An excellent day... another late and lazy start... in fact the boys didn't have breakfast until after 11am (their choice!) and we eventually got going on a walk along the Coastal Path.

We got as far as the steps up the cliff to go to the sandy beach just South of Mevagissey, called Portmellon, but Gill didn't feel like climbing them and urged us to go on, leaving her to stay in Meva.  We reluctantly agreed.

We walked up the cliff via steps and then along a path which led to a viewing platform, and then along the road to Portmellon beach, about 15 minutes walk.

The tide was right out but the boys wanted to just sit and chat, in the shade of the sea wall.  I walked out in bare feet to the sea, and paddled, and then walked back up the beach in a stream, which I thought was ripe for damming.  I persuaded the boys to come and investigate the sea, and they loved it, we found some razor shells, and there was a good deal of splashing and horse play.  We then spent quite a bit of time damming the little stream coming across the beach, and made friends with an 11 year old boy from near Brighton, who helped.

We then went to sit down again and I got a text from Gill saying she'd accidentally forgotten to put the boys' lunch in the bag I was carrying... we'd got buckets and spades (which we didn't use) devilsticks and diabolos (didn't use these!) and juice and water, which we did have.  Gill said she was bringing the stuff to us, and we'd meet at the top of the cliff.  We walked back and met her there; she'd found a less steep way up, ans we sat for a while enjoying the view.

Bought pasties on the way back, had new potatoes and salad with the pastie. 

A real 'proper' seaside holiday day!

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Compostwoman said...

It all sounds absolutely wonderful, John. So glad you are all enjoying the break.........