Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday 7th August 11, 9th and final day in Cornwall

Today was another fab day.... we'd been invited to go back to the marquee for midday to have a pastie lunch.

However, I had to organise the transport back to either Truro or St Austell tomorrow, and I discussed the bus situation with the chap in the office.  He explained that there wasn't a good connection between one bus and the next, and that one stopped in Veryan and then we'd have to walk a mile to Ruan High Lanes to catch the one to Truro.  So we asked about getting a taxi to the bus to Truro... or all the way to Truro or St Austell.  When I explained that we wanted to travel tomorrow, on Monday, he said he was happy to take us into St Austell, if we thought we'd fit in his car.  Well we were very grateful, as this made the journey much easier, and we said we'd see him at midday tomorrow.

So, with this sorted, we wandered along to the field with the marquee, and it was a much less organised and formal day.  The DJ had gone, and the caterers too, just leaving the marquee and tables, and kids playthings.

A good selection of pasties were supplied, and some cakes too, and lots of opportunities for conversations and getting to know people, deep discussions with our nephew Jonny about the introduction of a new green technology, and great games of frisbee with Dankie and family, mainly. 

We spent all afternoon there, just having a really super social time.  However, it started to get thinner on the ground and eventually the marquee was going to be left done up so it could be taken down the following day.  We walked up the road to the campsite, and just as I was thinking about Robin Harford and how that tomorrow morning I wouldn't have time to go to his foraging workshop, and there was a car driving into the site and it reversed and Robin leaned out of the window and said 'Blow me, it's Cossham' (or words to that effect!)... and then apologised for swearing with my family there.... and I introduced him to Gill and the boys.

A bit later, I went on a short walk with him, and then took the boys down to the beach for a little wander (we had fun throwing a golf ball up a cliff to see it randomly bounce down) and then, after dark, Gill and I went for a coffee with Robin and his wife, who was really nice.

I think this is what happened today anyway!

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