Thursday, 25 August 2011

Saturday 13th August 11

A really enjoyable day, showing Loony around York... her first visit here.  I collected her from the Bed and Breakfast and we got a bus to Clifford Street, then walked to Parliament St to wait at the fountain to meet Grant.  I chatted to a chap with a huge sandwich board with a message offering a reward of £50,000 for information about corruption in the West Mercia Police.  He was quite an interesting person to talk to, but I didn't have long as Grant turned up, and we all went for some lunch.

Then we wandered over to Coffee Yard and visited David, and had a coffee and a chat, made David's day a bit more interesting anyway!  Then Grant parted company with Loony and me and we went to see the Minster, and then to Monkgate Bar to go along the wall to Bootham Bar.  By this time, Loony had done enough walking so we got a bus to Rougier St and then a Number 10 to Hull Road, and Loony had a cuppa and met Gill and the boys, and walked down the garden and back, before we went to the Co-op and on to her Bed and Breakfast on Heslington Road.

I didn't stay long as we were both tired, and I have work tomorrow and she has a long bus journey back to Bristol.

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