Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Monday 1st August 11, Holiday Day Three

A good day with not too late a start, Gill got up at 7am as she wanted to go to St Austell to do some shopping; stuff not easy to get in Mevagissey.  But she missed the 8.47 bus and got one an hour later.  I had a lazy morning, invited the boys to have breakfast but they didn't want any... weird, as breakfast is always really high on my agenda as soon as I wake up!

Anyway, they eventually had 'brunch' and then I got a call from Gill saying she'd be at the bus stop next to the ice cream shop at 11.43, so our eldest and I walked down to collect her... and the shopping.  We all stopped to get veggies in the only greengrocer in Mevagissey, and the woman in there is a composter, had quite a good little chat. I posted 5 of the postcards I'd written.

Then back up to Turnstone Cottage and before lunch, I went with our eldest down to the harbour where there's a nice little beach exposed at low tide, where we played diabolo and devilsticks for a while.  Then we had a few goes at skimming stones ('ducks and drakes') across the water's surface, and about 10 people then copied us.  We came back for a late lunch.  After this we all went down to the harbour, to show the other two the nice beach.  Towards the end of the day we had a look for the Fowey Ferry times, and decided to get the last one over there, and back... there's a deal on the last crossing of the day which means you can go over, and come back for the price of a single journey.

Gill didn't want to come so I made sandwiches for us to take on the boat, for if we were hungry, and we went down to the bottom of the harbour for the 17.40 sailing.  The three of us cost £15, which I thought was a good price for the three of us to have the experience of going across the bay.  The trip over there was nice but the trip back, heading into the wind and waves, was really exciting.  I've always loved bouncing about on boats; it brought back memories of one of the rare times I went on holiday to mainland Europe with my family... we went on a hovercraft, and the whole family were seasick apart from me who was just loving the way the vessel moved over the surface of the sea, in  a very responsive way to the rather large waves on that day.  Well the Fowey to Mevagissey leg wasn't exactly rough, but we powered ahead at 12 knots, using about 250 horsepower of the 500 hp engine.  An exciting thing for the boys was that as we left Fowey, but before we hit the open sea, the Captain allowed our youngest to pilot the boat, which was a huge treat, great fun.  We didn't see that much wildlife, although earlier in the day, on the 11am crossing, they'd seen some Basking Shark. 

We had a bit more to eat when we got in and had a peaceful evening. 

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