Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thursday 4th August 11, Day 6 of Cornish Holiday

A very quiet and fairly relaxing day with a whole lot of not very much happening.

Gill went to St Austell mid afternoon and I took the boys to the 'World of Model Railways' exhibition in the village.  After maybe 45 minutes here, we walked down to the little bay just on the North side of the harbour, and skimmed stones, and I had some devilsticking practice which attracted a bit of attention and I let several people have goes with the second devilstick and my diabolo.

Gill texted me to say she was on the bus so we walked back and whilst waiting for her to arrive, I got the boys an ice cream.  I carried the bags of shopping back to the cottage and Gill made a simple but effective meal of rice and veg.

An altogether relaxing day, marred only by news of Gill's sister Linda having to have her dog put down, as it has been suffering from Cushings disease.  Very sad.

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