Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday 8th August 11, Return to York

I took the tent down, not easy with windy weather.  But I was helped.  Then we got shoehorned into Rob's car, we only just fitted!  He took us to St Austell station, where we had quite a bit of time to kill, so I walked into town with the boys to find lunch and spotted an internet cafe, so I returned and had a short time using their WiFi to catch up on emails etc. 

Then we got a series of trains, one to Plymouth, and a quick connection to the Leeds train, where at Birmingham, a pair of young men got on and got out their Nintendo DS machines, and our boys, who both have one as well, connected with them and had some fun racing Mario Carts and various other games.  These chaps were even able to share some software to let our two play a game which wasn't installed on their DSes.  This made this part of the journey go very quickly.

Finally, a train to York, getting in after 10.30pm, so we got a taxi back home.  The taxi driver, when prompted to tell us what if anything had happened in York over the past week, told us there'd been a hurricane in Dunnington.  Our eldest tried to explain that it wasn't possible to have a hurricane in Yorkshire (although possible to have hurricane force winds) but the guy assured us it was a hurricane.  Later, looking through the newspapers, I confirmed that it was a tornado, not a hurricane.

It was good to get back and find everything as we'd left it. Happy to be home and have comfy beds!

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