Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wednesday 22nd December 10

My final day working for Kirklees Council on their market as Father Christmas.  I once again got the 9am train to Dewsbury, and was pleased to see my old Credit Union colleague Simon Brereton and headed towards the market and it's little building with the office upstairs and the grotto downstairs.  The temperature sign on the nearby building said -8 C when I arrived, but during the day it got the sun on it and slowly went up, to -6, -3, -1, then -0 which surprised me, and then 0 and for a short time, up to 8 C, but it soon fell again when the sun went away, and by 3.30 pm it was below zero again.  In reality, where we were, it never rose above freezing.

However, despite it being cold, I enjoyed my day... it was quiet enough to be almost boring, but the occasional visitor made it just worthwhile.  I got on well with my 'Santa's Little Helper' or 'Mrs. Claus', Trish, and we had some good conversations.  At the end of the day, at 3.30, I gave her some pea beans I happened to have with me.

An uneventful ride home, had to change trains in Leeds though.  I cycled home as quickly as possible.

Gill had made tomato soup for tea and this was delicious, really delicious!

A quiet evening.

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