Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Monday 20th December 10

Another early start as had to be in Huddersfield by about 10am, so I got the 9am train, and had a fairly quiet journey. I did chat initially to the people sitting opposite me but they were what I used to call 'plastic people', as they were sad fashion victims going from Sunderland to Manchester to go shopping... ugh.  They had nothing to say, empty lives.

Anyway, I got to Huddersfield and briskly walked to the market hall where I had first been sent a few weeks back and as I approached the office, a market official sped out clutching the Santa sacks, recognised me and said to go with him to the other market hall where I'd be working today.  We got in his car and had a 5 minute drive to the market very close to the railway station, which is covered but not enclosed, so it was bitterly cold.

I had a walk round with the head of the market and then went to get changed and get walking round with my sack of tiny chocolate footballs and mini chocolate Santas.  I enjoyed this a lot... banter and humour and fun, but I was glad to get back to the office at midday and have my sandwiches.  I got going again at 12.30 and worked til 1.45 when i had a quick coffee before going to the reindeer enclosure, this time the two reindeer were from Reindeer For Christmas, and they had a sleigh (on casters) which I sat in, and the reindeer pulled it around to different areas of the market.  This was quite memorable!  When the sleigh came to a halt, various children were placed in the sleigh with me for photo opportunities, and I met a nice lass called Joanne who was really keen on the reindeer and very extrovert.

I did another half hour giving out chocolate balls after this and finished at 3.35, and was soon walking up to the station dressed as John, with no-one taking any notice of me.

There was a train soon after 4pm, and I dozed all the way to York.  I took the Cycle Heaven bike down to the shop on Bishopthorpe Road where my mended bike was waiting.  However, I was a little shocked at the bill... I'd had my chain de-kinked and lubed, a new mudguard put on, a new pannier rack and new rear tyre... the cost was £113.  I had just £115 in notes on me, so I had just enough to pay them.  But it was lovely to have my bike back, and on the way back I popped in to Freshways and picked up a sack of tropical veg which was too limp or otherwise unsaleable.

It was good to get home, as I was frozen.  I cannot remember being so cold, ever!  I'd had a text from Sue asking if she could come round and collect some dried fruit before travelling South for her Christmas break, so she appeared after tea and was really quite entertaining with her stories and recounting of incidents from her past.  She stayed til nearly 10pm. 

I got on with washing up and a few other bits but generally relaxed.  The boys slept downstairs in the front room as it was the warmest place.  I wondered whether I'd be able to get up early enough to see the eclipse of the moon in the morning...

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Anonymous said...

A bit harsh to say they have 'empty lives' just because they didn't want to talk to you, John.

The market sounds like a lot of fun though, I'm sure the kids enjoyed it!