Saturday, 4 December 2010

Friday 3rd December 10

Another quiet day.  Our youngest was off school as it was a training day, so both boys had a computer game-based day.  Gill had planned to take them both out to see a film but eventually they decided not to go, and a friend came round and they all played computer games. 

Gill did go to town and got some clothes and perspex to continue triple glazing the house.

I did a little bit outside but generally had a lazy day inside, due to the bitter cold and deep snow. I kept it warm inside by keeping both stoves going all day.

Mid afternoon I received a phone call from Jane who was about to set out on foot to deliver her broken laptop to the computer shop on Hull Road, very near us, and she asked if she could pop in.  So she came for a wood-fired cuppa and chat, and met Gill... they got on well.

I spent a lot of the day reading, including the questions for Julian Assange about the WikiLeaks intrigue, and later, his answers.  I submitted my application to World Book Night, a plan to give away a million books next March.  I also did some cooking to add to tea... just slices of winter squash, boiled on the stove and then roasted at the same time as Gill's potato and leek quiche cooked.

So, a fairly nothingy day.  Hope tomorrow is more active.

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