Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Monday 6th December 10

Well, although I had a headache for much of the day, it was a good day.

I got up at 10, as I'd been up til 3 doing the balloons thing.

Had a long time on the laptop, was pleased to see a handful of people had joined my 'event' and, hopefully, had written or emailed James Alexander, to ask him not to do the balloon release.  I got a thank you message from the Marine Conservation Society thanking me for my actions and caring.

I tried to do some work outside, but I got chilled to the bone and had to come in within the hour to defrost.  I can't remember it being so cold!

I had a chat with the Press about the balloon launch, booked tickets to go to Cafe Scientifique on Thursday with my eldest son... it's a talk and discussion about 'dark matter', just his sort of subject... almost way over my head!  I got back to the home education Yahoo Group thanking them for their welcome, and found out about the Christmas party which is luckily on the number 6 bus route, from just round the corner.

Before tea I walked with Gill round to her GP surgery; she was afraid of falling over as she has tumbled several times, so we had some nice chats on the way there, waiting, and walking back.  I made a tea with some squash soup over some dead pasta, and enlivened this with the last of the 'stove-dried' tomatoes which I preserved in extra virgin olive oil after semi-drying on the stove.  They were yummy, and made the old pasta bearable.

In the evening I attended the LETS meeting, with Melody and Sue, and Claire from Grace Preserves came along too, as a prospective member.  Sue was going to walk back to where she lives but I suggested she come back home to warm up, and then get a taxi.  She didn't leave til about 1am.  I then got on with other things!

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