Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wednesday 20th October 10

A much quieter day, although still feeling a bit low... not helped by a bit of a cold or runny nose.  I spent all of the morning dealing with some paperwork... well, e-paperwork, composing and sending off two invoices, one for a past gig and another for a forthcoming one.

After lunchtime I did some garden work and put together some resources for the food waste event in Sunderland I'm going to on Friday.  I'm creating a couple of plastic pop-bottle composters, and tomorrow I'm going to get a load of assorted compost beasties and some fruit and veg in different stages of decomposition.  And some riddled finished compost.  And maybe some humanure compost.

But a generally low-key day.  I need my cold to go away before Friday. 

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