Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monday 11th October 10

A mixed day, as had a fair few meetings and things to do.  My first appointment was at St Lawrence's to help Barry move the apple press, which had been left in the staff room since Saturday, out to his car, and I then cycled down to St Nicks and he drove... I got there first... and then we got a third person, a young lad volunteering at the Centre, to help us carry it in.  It is a big heavy piece of equipment, but three people can carry it easily. It will next be used for Apple Day on Saturday.

I cycled back home and then only had a short while to wait until a midday appointment to deal with and wrap up an incident I was involved with a few weeks ago, and then at 3, I met a friend in town who is experiencing quite severe mental stress and she'd asked me to meet her to bounce some ideas off, so we had 90 minutes together in a cafe, and I hope I was a good friend and was a good listener and helped.  But I had another appointment at 5, so zoomed home at 4.35 via Country Fresh and Freshways, and got in just as the Peter the Freecycler was ringing to say he was on the way.  He'd advertised that he wanted an electric bike, whether working or not.  Several years ago, I'd bought a 'Yamaha Easy' electric motor-assisted bike, second-hand, for £100. It needed a new battery, which cost another £100.  I used it a bit, but my trailer didn't fit on it as far as I can remember, and I lent it to a friend and it never worked properly after that.  So since then, it has sat in the studio just taking up space.

So, I hope that Peter is able to rectify any problems and get it back into use; I think it's for his wife, and I've asked to be told if it is brought back into working order.  I'd be really happy if it is used, and helps someone with increased mobility, rather than gathering dust and taking up space.

So after this I spent a few minutes building a logpile with some recently chopped dryish wood, and came in and lit the stove and flopped. 

I had the tea that Gill cooked yesterday but didn't eat, and then had a series of interesting conversations and phone calls.  I eventually got some time to chop up some fruit for drying, as I've emptied the racks and they are crying out to be refilled.

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