Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday 21st October 10

Woken early and a dreadful start to the day, but despite the headache the day got better.  I gathered paperwork together and headed for town to put in a cheque, get out a cheque and pay a bill.  I went via Heslington via a gent who offered a couple of rhubarb roots on Freecycle.  I took him a sack of compost as a present. 

I came back home via the almond tree, which had given up more of it's bounty, and then passed a large skip brimming with logs and mature privet.  I knew I'd be revisiting this later.  I had lunch and did some work preparing stuff for tomorrow.  Then I went back to the skip and there was no problem... a garden clearance with several lilacs, laburnums and cherry trees.  I took six trailer loads, including some thick privet trunks which I chopped down with loppers.  This made me very happy.

Back at home during the evening I chopped the membrillo into cubes and boxed it up in a plastic tub.  Both boys tried some and loved it... it will be an occasional treat, as it's 50% sugar.

I've been thinking long and hard about the upset I partly caused earlier in the week and this evening I sent a carefully worded apology to the two family members involved.  I'm hoping that polite and friendly relations can be regained.  I don't set out to cause problems.

I had a bath as I need to be shiny and fresh tomorrow.

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