Saturday, 9 October 2010

Friday 8th October 10

A good day.  I did a fair amount in the garden; I had about 6 sacks of greengrocers stuff waiting to be slopped onto the heaps, so I pruned loganberries and blackberries, the bits which fruited this year, and they formed a good 'airy' layer to put some cardboard on, with the really wet fruit and veg on top of that. 

I also almost finished the new stack of fuel next to the front door, started yesterday.  I did a lot more fruit drying... I'm speed-drying apple rings now, in about 24 hours.  I could do with more drying space as I have more apples than I can cope with.  In between times I stripped cable to get the copper wire out, so I had a busy day.

At 5pm, Barry from Transition/Abundance came round to pick up the fruit press and apple crusher, to be used at tomorrow's Eco-Family Day at St Lawrence's School and Family Centre.  I'm on the Transition stall, but I expect I'll help with the apples too.

Not sure what else happened today, but I'm feeling happy at the end of it.  Maybe it's because Steve Miller Band is on Jools Holland...

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