Friday, 8 October 2010

Thursday 7th October 10

Up fairly early so I could get round to Debbie before 10am, and go and deliver leaflets with her.  I went at 9.35 and we spent about 2 hours delivering in Badger Hill, using the 'leapfrog' method, going on the same side of the street and staying together and doing alternate houses, sometimes two houses with a shared driveway or no hedge/wall between the properties making it easier for leaflet the postie or political leaflet deliverer.... This method also allows you to chat, and if accosted by someone, to support each other.

So, a lot of walking and was glad to get in at about midday to settle down and have lunch.

Had a busy afternoon but didn't do any more leaflets.  I did do a bit of pallet butchering, and then at 6, Alex and her partner Larry the Freecyclers came round to pick up some pea beans, to plant next year on their allotment.  I gave them some perennial spinach beet seeds too.

Nice warm evening burning pallets and removing nails.

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