Friday, 23 January 2009

Thursday 22nd January 09

Seemed like a busy day... I took our youngest into school and was busy around the house until lunchtime, when I cycled into town to get a cheque out for the Compost Doctors event next week, and pay in a cheque which I've just got for my gig on Christmas Day. The BACS payment I was expecting has not gone into my account. I also got a cheque out to pay for my allotment for the coming year, just over £30.

When I got back I got a phone call from the organisation about the bouncing BACS, and I asked them for a third time to send me a cheque. This was agreed this time! Hooray!!

I got home in good time to go and get our darling from school, he was in a good mood and we chatted about states of matter on the way home. The teacher had stated that there were three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas. Our little scientist put his hand up and said "there are actually four, as there's plasma". The teacher told the class that they wouldn't be learning about plasmas just yet.

As the children were heading for bed, I cycled down to Anna's for a meeting of York in Transition Media group. There were just four of us... me, Anna, Bryony and Ivana. We had a quick and business-like meeting, reviewing the past events YiT has put on, checking the publicity for the forthcoming planned ones and dreaming up future ones, just one per month.

I got home just after 10 and did emails and nominated my friend Dave Hampton for the 'future friendly' awards, as his creation 'The Carbon Coach' is really good. I have also been nominated for this award.

Quite a late night again, with Gill snoozing beside me. She needs lots more sleep than me, but also she gets up earlier and does the kids lunches etc, whereas I do the washing up in the evening... and lie in til 8am usually.


James said...

Hi John.

I am really enjoying your blog, first thing I look at wheh I get to work. Very inspirational. Any chance of some pictures of the composting, wood pile and stoves?


Compost John said...

Thank you James. I'm surprised you find it 'inspirational' but I'll suspend disbelief for a bit!

I doubt that I'm going to start posting lots of pics. If you want to see photos of the stoves I have, search for 'Clearview Stoves'. If you want pics of compost bins, check out gardening websites. Try 'Garden Organic'.

However, I don't know of anyone who can build a logpile as well as me... so if I was going to get someone to take a photo (I don't 'do' photography really) and email it to me, and me to put it on here, it would be of a logpile.

Keep on reading and enjoying (not in work time though!) and I'll see what I can do. I find a well built logpile very attractive!

If you buy the Feb 09 edition of The Ecologist Magazine, there is a pic with a logpile in the background....