Monday, 5 January 2009

Sunday 4th January 09

Not such an early morning today... but had to get up as we'd promised to have a game of Ug-I-Oh cards this morning to appease one of the boys yesterday who was going on about it. I had a bath first thing and whilst drying off we formed two 'teams' but it is a complicated and long game which neither I or our youngest understands so it disintegrated as there was only one keen player.

I had an early lunch as I was working today, and was picking up David the photographer at just after 1 so he could continue to get some pics for my new flyer. So we cycled along the river to the Millennium Bridge and onto Bishopthorpe Road and then to the venue, St Chad's Church Hall.

An excited 4 year old was awaiting... soon to be 5, and 34 of his classmates arrived within half an hour, after I'd got changed and introduced David to the parents (who'd agreed his attendance beforehand). At the beginning of the show I introduced David to the audience, and then got on with the entertainment. As per usual, the show went really well... lots of laughter and participation... did both shows, circus and balloons, and everybody enjoyed it. I think David was impressed... this was the first time he'd seen my full routine. I hope he got some good photos.

We came back together at 4.30 and then I popped in to Freshways to see if they had any compostables, so came back with an extra load alongside the bag of circus gear and unicycles.

Gill was then able to get on with finishing tea, virtually impossible with demanding children needing her attention. Tea was lovely... macaroni cheese with cauliflower, and I had an extra 'use it all up' tomato and bean thing. The boys were perfectly behaved.

I had been asked by a friend to go and help break up an old wardrobe as my friend was moving house, so I popped out just before 7 and got back at 9pm. Gill had had a very tough time and was glad to see me. I sat with the little darlings and watched Swarm with them which was excellent and quite amazing. As soon as that finished they went to bed and we relaxed a bit... I peeled more bananas for drying and did my emails whilst half watching the telly.

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