Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Monday 12th January 09

Quite a good day... up earlier than I'd have liked, as I didn't sleep well. Got to bed as usual at 2ish and just lay there with thoughts racing round my head, so at 3.30 got up and came downstairs and played on the computer for half an hour, did some washing up, went to bed at 4.30 and fell asleep immediately! But up at 8 to take our youngest to school.....

And straight into town from school, cycling through the University, where I popped into the info place to find out whom I might talk to about getting the University involved in the Compost Doctors scheme, and along the Foss Islands Road and past the Minster to my dentist. Or more accurately, my hygienist, Cheryl, whom I see every other time, between the dentist who's called Pru (or perhaps Prue). Anyway, my teeth are reasonably OK but there are three areas which I need to work on a bit harder. I have to pay for the hygienist, and so this time paid for that plus some tiny inter-dental brushes and daily mouthwash... two of the reasons my teeth and gums are better than what they were.

Came straight home, via Gill waiting at the bus stop to go into town, so cycled over to her side of the road and gave her a big kiss, and home. Split a few logs and waited for the phone call from Elvina, who came to see York in Transition last week and today was having a 'John tour' round St. Nicks. She rang at 11 having got into York Station and was just getting on the bus. I cycled down to the bus stop we'd agreed, and waited for her, but not for long.

Elvina enjoyed her little wander round St Nicks, and I pointed out all the features which make it 'green'. We visited the stone circle and she took photos of the recycling collection vehicle, woodstove, Rotters info, energy meters, wind turbine and the building itself. Around the back, on and around the kids play area, there were perhaps 50 aluminium beer cans which had been thrown around by partygoers the previous night (presumably) so we collected them up, stamped them flat, and I filled a found polybag with them, to take home and add to my sackfuls to eventually take to the metal merchant.

On the way out of the nature reserve, I spotted a tree trunk with several big bunches of Oyster Mushroom. I removed some of the most edible-looking ones and carefully put them on a cloth bag in my trailer. Felt very pleased I'd found where Simon had found his clusters a few weeks ago... but I'll share these with him as he generously shared his finds with me.

So walked home with Elvina, took a quick tour of the garden and came in to warm up and have lunch. She then interviewed me on tape to get some quotes and commentary for her project. She'll use my info and ideas, and paraphrase it. Might end up on YouTube! Gill arrived home and had lunch; Elvina and I finished and she went to get the bus back to the station and train to Leeds.

I had half an hour before picking up our little one. So I split another few rounds...

When I cam back home Gill asked me to tidy the front garden as it was looking untidy, so I did, and took a load of stuff down the garden for composting, including a potato sack of garlic cloves in perhaps 100 little plastic net bags. I had to curteach of these bags with my big composting knife in order to put these past-it garlics on the new heap. So spent at least an hour outside doing that and other tidying jobs. Place still looks messy, though.

Tea was lovely, mushrooms and veg in white sauce with a mashed potato topping. Nice one Gilly.

A relatively quiet evening. Lots of email traffic.

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