Friday, 9 January 2009

Friday 9th January 09

Another late start following a late night. I am basically nocturnal if left to my own devices... if I didn't have children who woke me up so early and needed taking to school....

But our youngest, who needs taking to school, didn't this morning as his cough is still bad and so Gill decided to keep him at home. Our eldest, however, was fine and got himself out of the house at a normal time.

A fairly quiet day... dealt with a couple of Fiddlesticks enquiries and other 'admin' stuff.

At 1.45, headed down to school to see the Green Thumb Gang assembly which I wrote most of, for the children to advertise the Blue Peter Mission Nutrition Bring and Buy sale we're having in a fortnight, as well as explain what Green Thumb Gang does. Also showed a filmlet from Blue Peter emphasising the importance of having a good breakfast. The children did really well, and sang beautifully. I'm really pleased with Julia for bein so patient and good with them, and the children for all their effort.

After this, I did the usual playground bin emptying, as most of the children don't know it's wrong to put their fruit peels in the bin when there's a compostables recepticle next to it, and as it was the Key Stage 1 playtime, they were fascinated with what I was doing. I took the opportunity to get a lot of good messages through to them. A few converts to a less polluting lifestyle, I hope.

Popped in to see Melody and had a cuppa, then home via a log pile, overfilling my bike trailer as usual!

At 5pm, we had a visit from an electrician reccommended by another electrician friend who isn't quite as highly qualified to do domestic stuff (he works on cruise ships mainly!) and this lovely chap, Nick, fixed our gas boiler which hasn't worked for about 3 months. So, instant hot water is now available! Showers will be gratefully had by Gill, who's not as keen on baths as I am, and does her stand-up-wash only because she's had no option. I will continue to have my weekly deep and very hot woodstove-water bath plus daily cold-water stand-up washes. I think the boys will welcome the return of the shower!

Our eldest has started playing a role-playing game on the computer, and as this is one of my sister Anna's favourite activities, I rang her so she could chat to her nephew, but no-one was there. However, seconds later, Uncle Douglas rang back and had a good chat with him, me and Gill. Very nice!

Tea was one of Gill's fantastic quiches with small new potatoes and broccoli. Pudding was home-made chocolate cake and non-dairy ice cream.

A nice family evening, house toastie, boys good, all relaxed.


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Thank you so much for your comment.

It seems to me, from what you described and from reading some posts in your blog, that you and your family are an example to follow!

I’m truly glad to know that are a lot of conscious people around the world :) but, nonetheless, we’re still a minority.

You’re always welcome to visit our blog and to follow our future stories and “adventures”.

Keep up the good work and I hope you’re able to inspire lots of people in and out of your community.

Warm regards,
Madison ****

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